If you'd like help analyzing your graphs, contact WiscNet Support (support@wiscnet.net or 608-442-6761, opt 2).

If you feel you need an upgrade, contact WiscNet Member Success (membersuccess@wiscnet.net).


Search for your Member Organization name. Use shorter sections of text, such as "Abbotsford" / "Abbots" or "Wrightstown" / "Wright". 

Circuit Info

Member OrganizationName of organization
Device A / ZHostname of the WiscNet devices on either side of your uplink
Interface A / ZRouter interface names
BandwidthCapacity of link in mbps
Site CodeCode used to help correlate graphs to Member Organization
Transport ProviderWho you may be using as a transport provider
Transport Provider ID A / ZCircuit ID from the transport provider
WiscNet Circuit IDInternal WiscNet identifier for your circuit
TEACH IDIdentifier if circuit provided by Teach Network
HubWiscNet Backbone aggregation device at a Pop
CPECustomer Premise Equipment on site. See WiscNet Managed Device (CPE)

Circuit Graphs

Graphs are displayed from the Hub (pop) side as well as the CPE (member) side, should a CPE exist. 

Units are in International System of Units (G = giga M = mega, m = milli..)

TermDescriptionExample Graph

Bits per second

  • Dark green / Dark blue areas indicate average bps over a time period
    • Note that graph data is summarized as it ages, so older graph data will be less precise than newer graph data
  • Light Green / Light blue areas indicate maximum bps during a time period

  • Total (bottom left): approximate total traffic transferred during the timeframe selected, both directions
    • In/Out: total per direction

ppsPackets per Second

UtilizationPercentage utilization of circuit. 

ErrorsNumber of ethernet or CRC errors on the link. Ideally this should be zero and the graph should be pretty boring. If you see errors, contact support to troubleshoot.

DiscardsNumber of discards on an interface. Discards may occur if a link is saturated

Device Graphs

These are sensors and indicators on your WiscNet Managed Device (CPE). These graphs will not be visible if you do not have a WiscNet-managed device.

TermDescriptionExample Graph
Ping Response
Time in milliseconds it took our monitoring server to ping WiscNet router on premise. Ping is currently sourcing from Eau Claire, WI.

CPUProcessor utilization of device

Optical Monitoring (DOM)Shows light levels received on fiber optic connections

TemperatureInternal temperature of device. Some models will have multiple sensors. Y axis changes dynamically.

MemoryMemory utilization of WiscNet router. Some devices may display multiple readings depending on memory pool

UptimeLength of time in days since WiscNet router has last rebooted. Always up and to the right. Read the legend to get the time in days.

StatusStatus of device over time, calculated as percent.

Packet Loss

Indication of Latency and Packet loss to the WiscNet CPE. Green is no loss, Blue to Red indicates loss

Official Smokeping documentation contains further detail

Changelog History

  • - Search results now display as table instead of list. Added TEACH ID where applicable
  • - Added Packet Loss graph
  • - Added Network Diagram, Bandwidth Utilization Percent, Upload/Download colour coding, disable 95th% line
  • - Added CPE network graphs
  • - Fixes for Mobile view
  • - Clarify CPE interface names with 'Port'
  • - Initial release of graphs.wiscnet.net. Replaced nrg.wiscnet.net.

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